That’s QUEEN DAISY, If You’re Democrat. And Other Wednesday Neeeewwwwz.

Daisy, Co-Founder

It’s Wednesday.  And that means we’re breaking down Day 3 of the impeachment clown show, including MISTER Vindman, who wants you to call him by his PROPAHHHHH title, because listen – he went to HAAAAHHHHVARD, y’all.  And you’re Republican scum.

Also, he’s got the bad feelz from Twitter words, which gives me ALL THE CONFIDENCE in dudes with his super-important-military title.

Dude. Staaaaaahp.

Speaking of dudes in the military who are embarrassing right now, I give you Exhibit B: Mayor Pete, who is posing with a smirk and “come hither” stare for his husband. AT A HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL OMG.

Here’s a pro-tip for you that I can’t believe I actually have to write:  DON’T DO THIS.  EVER.

Happy Wednesday, everyone.


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