Rapper Will.i.am Accuses Flight Attendant of Racism. But Not Really.


So, the last time I heard anything from the Black Eyed Peas musical group, it was 2003. Granted, they are Grammy Award winners; but theirs is not my preferred genre. I do recall “Let’s Get it Started,” although the name of one of the group’s rappers, Will.i.am, means zip to me, other than being a frustrating abuse of punctuation.

Now this guy’s attitude toward a Qantas flight attendant is enough to make me remember his name in the future. I shall now associate it with all things douche-y. He should call himself Will.i.am.a.jackass.

The flight attendant asked him to stow his laptop prior to landing – he was wearing noise-canceling headphones and had not heard an earlier announcement. He decided not to acquiesce to her request. Apparently, Will.i.am thinks he’s enough of a big deal that he doesn’t have to follow airline rules. Federal police met him at the gate, but he has no clue why.

The rapper with 12.8 million followers also thinks it’s okay to use his Twitter account as a platform for attacking the flight attendant. He even used her name in several tweets, which have since been deleted. Because, gee, he didn’t mean for anyone to target her, wink wink.

Qantas is backing their flight attendant, according to this statement:

“We rejected claims of racism and have since asked will.i.am for a retraction of that claim. We fully support our crew and the great work they do ensuring safety of all those on board. Absent a retraction, and if the crew member wanted to take the matter further, we’d certainly be willing to provide legal support for them to do this.”

Will.i.am retracts nothing and continues to blame the flight attendant. He claims that his behavior and handling of the incident are not the issue.

This polite, innocent fellow and his group mostly perform party jams and dance hits with such respectful titles as “My Humps” and “Head Bobs.” It just doesn’t get much classier than that.

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