Cringey Instagram Photo Shoot At Holocaust Memorial Comes Back To Haunt Pete Buttigieg


Nothing says “presidential material” quite like posing for a glamour shot at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin.

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This guy.

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Granted, Pete Buttigieg was not a candidate at the time the photos were taken. However, when he and his now husband, Chasten, went on the trip to Germany, Buttigieg was already the mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

Anyone in a governmental position should know better. I cannot begin to understand why it was ever a trend for gay men to post pictures of themselves at the Holocaust memorial on Grindr. True, the huge concrete walls make for a dramatic backdrop, and the fog (at least it looks like fog) has an especially nice effect. Very aesthetically pleasing. But come on!

The Holocaust is not the place for enticing photos, whether you’re gay or straight. It’s just plain inappropriate and tawdry. So is the comment, “This guy,” posted by Buttigieg’s smitten beau.

I personally do not find Mayor Pete AT ALL sexy, so these photos do nothing for me. But then I’m not a gay dude. The photos themselves aren’t racy or anything, although other guys who participated in the trend posted pics with a somewhat less-than-G rating.

What I take issue with isn’t snapping a few vacation shots. It’s thinking that they belong on social media. I guess Buttigieg didn’t post them himself…but still. It’s a judgment thing.

The photos came back to haunt Buttigieg after NBC reporter Ben Kesslen went rummaging around on social media. They have returned at a most inopportune time for the presidential hopeful, who this week claimed certain prominent African-Americans support him who actually don’t. Oh, and he’s also getting reamed for using a stock photo of a Kenyan woman on the “Black America” portion of his campaign website.

Is this the best you’ve got to offer, Democrats? Really?

It does make you wonder, though: What if another candidate sort of…requested…the archaeological dig on Buttigieg? Stranger things have happened. He had been polling well, but this kind of news sure helps knock him off the top, doesn’t it?

Even PinkNews, an LGBT+ news site, is appalled. And that’s saying something.

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