Abominable Art: Statue of Molech, Pagan Deity Of Child Sacrifice, Placed At Entrance To Roman Colosseum


Where is the “This historical statue offends me” gang now?

The Moloch (also spelled Molech) statue was placed at the entrance to the Roman Colosseum as part of an exhibition entitled “Carthago. Il mito immortale,” translated as “Carthago. The immortal myth.” It will be on display until March 2020.

The debut of the pagan statue at the sacred site, which is owned and operated by the Vatican, coincided with festivities over which Pope Francis presided. And said nothing, apparently giving his very religious blessing to it, as well as to some Andean fertility idols.

At least the fertility idols represent life. Moloch was the Canaanite and Phoenician deity of child sacrifice. It wouldn’t be at all surprising if he turned out to be the patron demon of Planned Parenthood, another evil entity given the papal thumbs-up.

The Vatican in 1783 installed this (translated) sign at the Colosseum:

“The amphitheater, one consecrated to triumphs, entertainments, and the impious worship of pagan gods, is now dedicated to the sufferings of the martyrs purified from impious superstitions.”

For Christian pilgrims visiting the site where Emperor Nero killed so many for their faith, the statue greeting them is “a mockery of the martyrdom of those early Christians.”

Alexandra Clark, who emailed Lifesite News about her distressing experience, called the sight “horrifying.”

“Standing guard over the entrance was the colossal pagan statue of Moloch. It was placed in that prime spot so that everyone that entered into the Colosseum had to pass it.”

It’s just part of a historical, cultural exhibit, right? Nothing to get all worked up about.

In modern times, the cross symbol is reviled – atheist groups demanding its removal always seem to win. The Ten Commandments are erased from public buildings. Statues of brave men who fought for our religious and other freedoms are toppled.

Meanwhile, satanists unveiled a statue of the goat monster, Baphomet, at the Arkansas Capitol building in 2018. That same year, the reconstructed Arch from the Temple of Baal was displayed – during the Kavanaugh hearings – on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., proudly celebrating “global cultural heritage.” And now this monstrosity gazes down upon visitors at the Roman Colosseum.

A shadow has fallen over the world, yet good men do nothing. And so, in this time, “The Hollow Men” by T.S. Eliot still resonates.

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