Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris Is Now A Black Panther. But In A Suit.


Kamala Harris has just proven her hatred for law enforcement…or her absolute ignorance.

Or both. Yeah, let’s give her the double prize.

She’s got no problem with being called “a Black Panther in a suit.” My, how sophisticated. I guess wearing that designer power suit makes everything okay.

This dubious compliment was bestowed upon her by one of the seven black men she recently sat down with in a barber shop.

First of all, what was Mrs. Fancypants doing in a barber shop? I can’t imagine that she gets her hair styled in one.

Secondly, whose community, exactly, is at the heart of her campaign? As a presidential candidate, she should be concerned with the best interests of our nation as a whole, instead of taking a firm stance on either side of the racial divide.

Finally, and most importantly: Why does she accept being identified with a group that is notorious for their revolutionary political ideas, their hatred and calls of action against law enforcement, not to mention the actual slaying of police officers?

Black Panthers have murdered at least of 35 law enforcement officers since 1967. Other officers have been killed by groups with similar ideologies. You know the ones. They advocate the use of violence and guerrilla tactics to overthrow the government.

Let’s bear in mind that, as attorney general of California, Harris withheld her support for legislation that would have required her office to investigate fatal shootings involving police officers. Yet criminal justice reform is supposedly a big deal for her campaign platform. Of course, the former San Francisco district attorney’s idea of reform is to make the criminal justice system “less punitive and racist.”

Black Panther in a suit? Perhaps so.

Harris is all about making herself appear electable. Here’s what she had to say at the Essence Festival – one of the largest events for the African-American community – in response to President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan:

“Well, Essence, we’re not going back. In fact, it is time to turn the page. And it is time to write the next chapter.”

Write the next chapter? And just what fresh hell would that chapter bring for members of law enforcement? My youngest son plans to become a S.W.A.T. officer, you hag. And I have many dear friends in local law enforcement.

Kamala Harris is a terrible candidate on so very many levels. We already knew this. And if anyone still supports her after this, they might as well admit that they hate cops and want to see them die.

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