So Much Cringe!! Dr. Bruce Hensel “Charged With Asking A Nine-Year-Old Girl For Sexually Suggestive Photos”

Karen Ashley

You know when your mind is inundated with a crap ton of questions because none of the circumstance makes any logical sense, so you’re left speechless?

Meet my brain, at this current moment.

“A former medical correspondent for an NBC News affiliate in Los Angeles has been charged with asking a nine-year-old girl with sexually suggestive photos.”

A 71 YEAR OLD FELLA. You guys. Dr. Bruce Hensel. He’s 71. So much eww, my physical being can hardly handle it.

“The Los Angeles Police Department said detectives began a child sexual exploitation investigation involving a nine-year-old child after inappropriate messages and photographs were shared between the child and a man believed to be Hensel,” CBS News reported Thursday. The nine-year-old child is the daughter of an acquaintance of Hensel’s, the report noted. Hensel allegedly requested the racy images from the girl, whose name will not be revealed, via a messaging app on August 4th, according the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.”


I don’t care that the 9-year-old was a daughter of a friend of his and I don’t care how close everyone in the family is. I want to know several other things – what 9-year-old needs a cell phone? How did a 71-year-old get a 9-year-old’s number? What parents aren’t monitoring text messages like a hawk on their 9-year-old’s phone?

I don’t know. He still remains innocent and, even if he’s convicted, he would only serve 18 months in state prison. Freaking bananas, man!

Apparently he’s close with Adam Schiff. I have nothing more to add, just thought you should know.

Check this out –

Oh, and Epstein didn’t kill himself.

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