Planned Parenthood Hosts An All Ages And All Genders Sex Workshop Featuring “Pleasure Education”

Karen Ashley

Just when you thought Planned Parenthood couldn’t get any classier.

“Planned Parenthood of Washington state has a brilliant idea to regain support after losing a dramatic battle in the Clark County, Washington, Battle Ground School District, which voted back in October to remove sex education from the school curriculum beyond what is required by law: have an all ages, all genders sex workshop featuring “clitoris and pleasure education” and erotic pole dancing.”

Hmm. Because what better way is there to teach the younger generation about safe sex, ways to prevent pregnancy, and how to not be a single parent at a young age? Ahh yes, pole dancing and clitoris education is exactly what comes to my mind.

“Fearing that its message wasn’t getting to the voters of Washington state, apparently, Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest & Hawaii, held an even where supporters could “celebrate our sexuality and enjoy an irreverently playful night of fundraising, fitness, sex talk, and exotic pole dance performances.”

So they’re basically just trying to make sure they will always have future customers. What a charming business plan.

“We’ll begin the night with Pilates and Barre class demos followed by a sexy floor work lesson and a presentation on feminine sensual movement; we will then transition into our educational portion with an informational session about the Clitoris, pleasure, and making sex ed mandatory in Washington State; the night will end with a Wicked Sexy Carnival Side Show themed pole dance showcase brought to you be Pole at Play,” the invitation reads.

Lord, help us all. Oh, and only for ten bucks, what a steal! And the children are welcome! Now there REALLY isn’t a reason why I shouldn’t go!

Except for the fact that I have morals. And class. And a brain stem.

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