“Mr. Republican Talking Points” Has A Bipartisan Response For Testy-Pelosi


“Mr. Republican Talking Points” is James Rosen, he’s one of the legit reporters that Pelosi interrupted and attacked Wednesday during her presser.  Rosen truly is one of the few ethical reporters remaining in this country who’ve not sold their souls to the Democrats or RINOs over the past decade.

Pelosi was entirely out of line in how she responded to his “perfect” question.  But this is not the first time Rosen has been attacked by the Democrats who try to squash anyone who challenges them as they claim to “speak truth to power.”

Rosen is the Fox News reporter that team Obama/Holder spied on back in 2012 when he had been digging into the 9-11 Benghazi terror attack, among other things that Obama attempted to cover up.

Well, he’s back and better than ever — kudos to you, James Rosen.  Thanks for upholding quality journalistic standards and for leading the way toward saving journalism.


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