Reporter Asks Pelosi Why Trump Cannot Confront His Accuser While The Whistleblower Reigns In All The Legal Rights For Protection

Karen Ashley

My mocking radar is off the charts right now, it’s unreal.

A reporter asked the question of all questions, pertaining to why President Trump’s right to confront his accuser is not prioritized while the whistleblower reigns in all the legal rights for protection.

Pelosi mocks the reporter as “Mr. Republican talking points” which is, of course, high class joking material. Har har har.

What’s ACTUALLY funny to me is how she talks herself up SO MUCH in her response, that you kind of forget the question the reporter even asked… amidst the moment she talks about how she “knows the most because she’s had the most experience.” But, last I checked, just because you’ve been doing something for a long period of time doesn’t mean you’re actually good at it.

Basically, to sum up her response (the part where she actually addresses the question itself), people should have the ability to speak up against power without anything holding them back… because truth?

Riiiiight. Because that always means someone is being honest. Good grief.

Check out this small snippet yourself.

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