Jason Hill Calls Out Greta Thunberg And It’s Delish

Karen Ashley

It really is cute how someone who shouts APOCALYPSE is gaining credibility as a reliable individual to take climate change advice from.

When evidence is lacking entirely, let’s scare them! Bravo.

God bless this man for calling out the purely emotional idiocy that is among us.

I love how the starting point for tracking the earth’s temperature is year 1880… RIGHT before the hottest year ever recorded in history in year 1878. However, that year consisted of heavy artillery fire in the Franco-Prussian War. I’d bet my right leg that the artillery fire caused the increased heat that year. So, with year 1880 marking the beginning of NASA’s tracking, of course the freaking temperature has increased an overall 1.4 degrees F.

CO2 is absolutely essential to our atmosphere. Additionally, the colder the climate means the reduction of CO2 for plants, which leads to less oxygen for us. Warm climate is actually very beneficial for CO2 production and thus oxygen production. Life on Earth is heavily dependent (among other variables) on these gases. I don’t know why or when the term “gases” became such a demonizing word for the health of our planet, but I ain’t buying it.

Oh, and if you do the right research with CREDIBLE sourcing, you’ll find that the polar bear population in the Arctic has significantly grown.

Greta is a puppet in the climate change game, nothing more.

It isn’t about science. It’s about political gain.

Anyways, now that I’ve given my two cents… please enjoy this letter to Greta. Calling her out on everything. It’s gold:

Greta Thunberg:

You have declared yourself a leader and said that your generation will start a revolution. You have comported yourself as a credentialed adult and climate change activist who has fearlessly addressed politicians and world leaders. You have dropped out of school and declared that there isn’t any reason to attend, or any reason for you to study since there will be no future for you to inherit. You have, rather than attend your classes, been leading Friday Climate Strikes for all students in your generation across the globe. Your attendance at oil pipelines has been striking. There, you unequivocally declare that all oil needs to remain in the ground where it belongs.

I shall, therefore, against the backdrop of your activism, address you as an adult rather than as a child.

In September of 2019 you crossed the Atlantic in a “zero carbon” racing yacht that had no toilet and electric light on board. You made an impassioned plea at the United Nations in which you claimed that, “we have stolen your dreams and our childhood with our empty words.” You claimed that adults and world leaders come to young people for answers and explained in anger: “How dare you!” You claimed that we are failing you and that young people are beginning to understand our betrayal. You further declared that if we continue to fail your generation: “We will never forgive you.”

You have stated that you want us to panic, and to act as if our homes are on fire. You insist that rich countries must reduce to zero emissions immediately. In your speeches you attack economic growth and have stated that our current climate crisis is caused by “buying and building things.” You call for climate justice and equity, without addressing the worst polluter on the planet China; the country that is economically annexing much of Africa and Latin America. You dare not lecture Iran about its uranium projects — because that’s not part of the UN’s agenda, is it?

Read the full letter HERE.

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