Apparently Not Even One Of The “11,000 Scientists” Is Identified While The Chase To Find Carbon Bigfoot Continues

Karen Ashley

You couldn’t pay me enough to chase the Carbon Bigfoot.

Apparently all it takes to be a credible scientist is to “tell it like it is,” be a nice person who levels with people on the grounds of love, and support a narrative of climate change.

I ‘tell it like it is’ all the time and I love my family… so I guess I’m a neuroscientist. You may call me the second coming of Mother Teresa.

Or on a simpler train of toddler logic – I can just go to the zoo and claim that I’m a koala bear because I looked at one once and felt a kinship for a millisecond.



I absolutely love how they claim ‘11,000 scientists’ but fail to identify even one. It’s like when someone who dislikes Trump can’t actually verbalize ONE reason why because, “oh, there’s just so many, I don’t have time to get into it.” Cheesus Crust, give me a break.

Scientists may be activists, but not all activists are scientists – so let’s not use the terms interchangeably or synonymously. Thanks.

Oh, and viewing the signatures is unavailable. I’m laughing so hard right now!

If you need some comic relief, please watch!

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