Ilhan Omar Accused Of Another Anti-Semitic Dog Whistle

Erin Evans

Ilhan Omar is at it again.  Girl can’t help but make comments that are anti-semitic, or at least comments that are easily taken that way.

Here’s her most recent comment:

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg may be jumping back into the 2020 presidential race.  He hasn’t officially announced a run yet, but he filed as a Democratic presidential candidate in Alabama last week.  Despite the fact that Bloomberg isn’t officially a candidate, fellow New Yorker and billionaire Leon Cooperman has already thrown his support into Bloomberg’s ring.

Another thing the two men have common?  They both happen to be Jewish.

Yep.  Given Omar’s history, it’s easy to think this is another anti-Jewish barb.

Now, it’s possible Omar is referring to the fact that both Bloomberg and Cooperman are billionaires.  That’s what her supporters are suggesting.  I’m struggling with that interpretation, however.

A lot of stretching indeed.

I’d like to see how Omar explains this one.  I’m sure she’ll claim it was totally innocent and is just being misinterpreted by haters.  Given her track record, however, I’ll have trouble actually believing any excuse she give.

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