AOC Draws Blank At Bernie Rally, Preaches Rejection, Heartbreak, And Betrayal At Climate Crisis Summit


Alexandria Occasional Cortex is at it again.

During her opening act in front of a crowd of Bernie-supporters, she got tongue-tied and went blank. As she was building up to her indoctrination punchline, she completely forgot her script. A script that was very likely written for her on her Bernie-Chartered-Saving-The-Planet-Plane. “She has so much going on in her mind,” she said. In all fairness, drawing a blank can happen to the best of us, but AOC is touring with Bernie – who’s among the “1% of the rest of us.”

It seems pretty clear that AOC is trying extra hard these days to remember what others tell her to say. At this rally, she struggled to recall what she was trying to get across, and she repeatedly said “here’s the deal” to keep things moving — even her fellow actresses know that this represents a failure to keep your character and to truly understand what’s going on when you’re up on stage.

So here’s the deal. You know, and what it also — and so the deal is — sorry. And here’s the deal. The deal — I’m like, I got so much going on in my mind because I’m just talking to you all this evening. I was, like, trying to prepare some remarks on the plans, I was like, I’m just going to talk to them, okay. And so here’s the deal, is that we have to stitch ourselves together, we have to connect ourselves to one another.

But that’s not all. Moving on to her gracefulness in Des Moines, Iowa, she was a bit more rehearsed as she took the stage in green at the “Climate Crisis Summit With Bernie And AOC.” It was on this stage that her memorization of lines came more natural, you know because she’s been preaching her Green New Deal for some time now.

At one point, she gracefully preached on disappointing politicians who fall short and how they make us feel rejected and heartbroken and betrayed. And “trust her because she knows how that feeeeeels.”

Even at this event, she stumbled with her script, and actually, quite a lot. It’s pure comedy. If you want to take a gander at the Occasional Cortex in her green dress, she enters the stage at about 1:59:05, here. You’re welcome.

Despite her ever-present lack of intelligence, it amazes me to see so many woke “American” socialists flocking to listen to her yap. What do you think? Is it her audience or her message that is more disturbing?

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