There’s A New Trend In Tel Aviv Cafeterias: Put Pics Of The Judging Eyes Of Greta Thunberg Next To Plastic Silverware.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Erin told you earlier today about a mural of Greta Thunberg being put up in San Francisco. Don’t try and tell me that global worship of this deluded 16 year old girl isn’t cultish.  Because when you reach the point that there are giant murals being put up to showcase her creepy glare in order to “raise awareness” about climate change, that’s no longer your run-of-the-mill activism.  That’s full on cult.

And it gets better:

Lots more photos at this link.

I would use EVERY LAST FREAKING PLASTIC UTENSIL in that cafeteria if I stumbled onto that bullcrap, because while it’s important to care about the environment, it’s also  important to refuse to bow down to the virtue signaling nonsense from the current crop of climate overlords.

Think of the paper they wasted printing out those pictures of Greta.  I mean, if this is the doing of the cafeterias, they could just ONLY PUT OUT ACTUAL SILVERWARE instead of offering the plastic option, instead of forcing innocent people who just want to eat without being stared at by Greta’s judge-y eyeballs.

Also – this is a MUST WATCH:

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