Without Warning, Adam Schiff Gives Republicans Until TOMORROW To Request All Witnesses for Impeachment Hearing

Karen Ashley

….and the Schiff show continues…

Do you ever find yourself looking around and thinking, “Is anyone else seeing this Schiff?” See what I did there?

He makes it so easy, they just keep coming to me.

It’s funny how many demands a party who knows they are literally working with nothing makes. It’s a nameless, faceless ghost. The only important element that DOES have a face is the whistleblower and the other people behind this crap. But addressing that angle would reveal the partisan scam for which this whole shindig really is.

I don’t know all the protocols and standards but I would encourage the Republicans to steamroll over their demands and make these hearings their b*tch.

Oh, and another little nugget you should know about – the President’s counsel is still excluded.

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