Over 5.8 Million Dropped Off Food Stamps Assistance Since President Trump Took Office

Karen Ashley

I can’t help but think that people are still going to find contempt with this because… Trump.

“More than 5.8 million individuals dropped off food stamps since President Donald Trump completed his first full month in office, according to the latest data released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).”

This makes me so euphoric because this is beneficial for the purpose of longevity, as opposed to bandaging a wound, picking at it, opening the wound, and placing a bandage over it again (repeat until you hate yourself).

Just wait for it. The Democrats will soon slogan, “Miss your butt print in your couch and binge-watching Netflix?! Quit your job and sink back in, we’ve got you covered! Where ‘we’ pertains to all the other taxpayers around you! You don’t have to worry about a gallon of milk now costing $10! What do you care? Breaking Bad just started – Take a load off!”

Haha, okay I’m done. For now.

“Food stamp enrollment plummeted after states passed reform measures to curb dependency on welfare, requiring food stamp recipients to work, volunteer, attend school, or receive job training for 20 hours per week.

Under the Trump administration, those numbers have gone down even further.”

This is incredible news!! Incentive is so healthy for not only the government to function efficiently from an economic standpoint, but also for the mentally healing nature of our society and its people. It places value in effort, where people are more likely to appreciate what they have and the opportunities they are granted.

Socialism feeds on requiring the people to become dependent on the government so that they can become pawns for control. Democrats encourage a nation to have nonconsensual dependency on the government, whereas Republicans understand the significance behind not needing government assistance so that assistance can be allocated for other needs.

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