Kanye Running For President In 2024, Also Considering A Name Change

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Listen – it’s fine for him to be a free thinker and encourage others to be free thinkers too. Good on him.  But this?  No.

He seems pretty legit serious about the presidential run, and I think he’s got all the ego required to run. Or walk, as he says.  To lead the country though?

That’s a no from me.

He’s also got a new line of biodegradable shoes made from algae, so, you know, obviously super qualified to lead the free world.

He’s also considering a temporary name change to “Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West,” although thankfully he seemed to be kidding about that.  Although with Kanye, you really just never know.

Anyway, Michael Bloomberg is making all the headlines right now for his late entry into the Democrat field, but obviously the bigger news here is Kanye 2024.

Brace yourselves.

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