Get Ready For The #MAGACHALLENGE — Trump Will Invite the Winners To the White House To Perform


It is 2019, and folks, this is as real as it gets on Twitter and a sign of the times.  Bryson Gray @SuriusVsVodka created the #MAGACHALLENGE in September. The MAGA Challenge is a Twitter challenge among Trump supporters, in which they upload Trump-friendly raps to the internet.

Gray used to be a Bernie supporter, but he walked away from the Democrat Socialist party to become a free-thinker and a Conservative. He launched the MAGACHALLENGE to challenge fellow American voters (of any race) to create short rap music videos that explain their support for President Trump and MAGA, KAG.

Since September, the MAGACHALLENGE has gone viral, and in only seven weeks after the challenge began, on November 8, Trump announced that he would be picking a winner of the MAGA Challenge and inviting them to the White House to perform their rap.

The MAGACHALLENGE is really taking off and despite its critics, it’s trending today on Twitter.  Here are just a few of many creative submissions so far:

Five Things You Need To Know About The MAGACHALLENGE. As with all things Twitter, The MAGACHALLENGE is drawing its critics, but in many ways, that is a sign that it must be working. Because when all things Dems, media, and polls are working against the will of the American people, the people rise up to innovate their own ground game to break through the matrix. #COVFEFE

I remember when Obama and Axelrod were “all the brags” about how they won in 2012 because of course, their best ground-game ever. Well, boys, consider yourselves, Trumped.

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