Texas Hero Awarded for Saving Hundreds of Animals

Rachel S

Kayla Denney is a hero. I’m not overstating– she has saved 565 lives and counting, ever since she took over the Taft, Texas animal shelter almost a year ago on the dot. In that time, she’s reduced their kill rate from 100% to 0%. Denney deserves an award. Oh wait, she got one?


PetCo awarded Denney their 2019 Unsung Hero Award, which comes with a $35,000 prize.

Denney told KZTV that the money will be reinvested into the animal shelter.

“It’s an older shelter and its run down,” said Denney. “We got lights thanks to a donor who put in electricity for us, but I want indoor outdoor kennels with a guillotine in between so when it’s raining we can put them inside.”

Just to clarify, Denney was referring to a type of door that raises and lowers when an animal enters or exits, not an actual guillotine.

Denney also talked about her plans for the future of the animal shelter.

“We want an area where they can have meet and greet out in the field and somewhere, they can have grass time rather than just cement time,” she told KZTV.

Just think of that. Denney took a shelter so starved for resources that they were forced to put down every animal brought to them, and in no more than a year turned it 180 degrees. Now every last animal goes to that shelter as a way station on their way to a forever home. 565 cats and dogs over the past year! That’s 565 lives saved, 565 families that got bigger and better, 565 hearts made whole.

A huge congratulations to Kayla Denney, and an even bigger thank you.

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