Hey Leftists – Either You Care About Protecting Whistleblowers Or You Don’t. Pick A Lane.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

So everyone’s pissy at Donald Trump Jr. for retweeting a Breitbart article that revealed the name of the whistleblower, which everyone kinda already knew anyway because RealClearPolitics released it last week.

But now?  Well, just look at this.

Yup.  CBS has fired the former ABC employee who had access to the hot mic video of Amy Robach that Project Veritas revealed earlier this week.

CBS has effectively fired a whistleblower who revealed a massive cover-up by ABC.  ABC has offered no true reason for the cover-up, except to say some BS nonsense about “standards” that weren’t met, without saying what those standards actually are.

This is amazing hypocrisy on every level.

It’s almost as if there are different rules for different people or something.

Maybe NBC should hire the whistleblower and fire him the next day just so they can get in the action.

Also, for no reason Tom Arnold decided to get himself into this fray.

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