Donald Trump Jr. Calls Out Joy Behar For Her Blackface Costume, It’s Legendary

Karen Ashley

Not sure why anyone would even want to be questioned by a group of women who may as well be the individuals sitting around a conference table deciphering how to convey gender-neutral emojis… but Donald Trump Jr. sure does stand his ground in The View’s grotesque interviewing methodology!

The funniest part of all of this is the part where he calls Joy Behar out on when she wore blackface for Halloween. The clan tried to say it was “blackface-lite” but, irrespective of the shade, it’s blackface. It doesn’t have to be LITERAL LIGHTS-OUT BLACK for it to be blackface. I mean, I could take it a step further and be like, “that’s racist against the other shades of black!” But I’m not even gonna bother with that rabbit hole of bear sh*ts.

This is SO rich.

Watch the entire clip here!

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