Desmond, 12-Year-Old Drag Queen, Said To Be ‘Inspiring’

Karen Ashley

Holy mother of all that is holy!

Not to be disrespectful to this sweet, innocent soul… but I legit was taken aback thinking this was a Momo costume…

I mean, Halloween did just pass.

If you don’t know about Momo, consider yourself lucky. Momo was/is an innocuous sculpture created by a Japanese artist that became an Internet urban legend that made its rounds on social media. It essentially became a tool for sickos to encourage young children to partake in violent/harmful acts.

Wait a minute…

“Mashable posted a video of Desmond Napoles, aka Desmond is Amazing, to Facebook that features the 12-year-old drag queen who, last year, was seen dancing on stage at a New York City “queer owned and operated” bar while onlookers threw money at him.”

Welp… guess it doesn’t have to be Momo for a child to be lured into something harmful after all.

This child is being used as a pawn for the gain of those who receive the check. It isn’t inspiring and it sure as hell isn’t a prodigious act.

Furthermore, this is not a roadmap to self-awareness. It’s nothing short of child indoctrination, sexual exploitation, and simply reciting another adult’s script cough Greta Thunberg cough

“Often times they describe how Desmond has helped them discover the importance of self-expression and gave them the courage to come out,” the site continues. “It is this personal engagement with fans, which Desmond has coined his ‘Amazies,’ that motivates him to continue doing drag and advocacy work.”

Uhm, yeah. Pretty sure when I was a kid, having everyone’s attention, money, and pretty things would’ve been pretty appealing too. If I saw a pig fart glitter, I’d want to learn what the heck I need to put in my diet to be the next sensation.

Indoctrinating these kiddos at such an impressionable age is NOT, and NEVER WILL BE, conducive to their mental health and self-awareness.

Hope you put some of that money away in savings for therapy, folks.

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