And the Hypocrisy Award of the Decade Goes to. . . Elizabeth Warren!

Rachel S

Did you know I can’t stand Elizabeth Warren even a little? No? Then you must be new here.

A few weeks ago I told you about her ridiculous demand for hyper-partisan “fact-checking” on social media. Since then, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey has declared that Twitter will ban political ads, in stark contrast to Zuckerberg’s free speech policy for Facebook. Which Warren violently opposes, because then she can’t unilaterally tell people what to think.

So one has to assume that, despite being one of the top spenders on Twitter ads, Warren would at the VERY least prefer Dorsey’s approach to Zuckerberg’s, if not outright support it. Right?



Liz’s deeply hypocritical response is exactly what enrages me the most about leftists overall. I’ll get to that in a second, but first, you should probably know what I’m reacting to before I react to it:

And for a bit of level-headed commentary before I lose my freaking mind, Daily Wire writes:

Essentially, Dorsey’s rationale is the same as Warren’s: social networks should take responsibility for misinformation being spread on their network by actively policing content. The only way to do that is either to allow all political and issue content or to ban all political or issue content. Facebook chose the former and earned Warren’s ire. Twitter chose the latter and, well, also earned Warren’s ire.

The only difference with Twitter’s policy is, of course, that it actively prevents Warren’s allies from purchasing ads promoting their particular political ideas — and she certainly doesn’t like that.

Warren embodies every aspect of the moral and political snobbery that makes people feel such vehemently negative feels toward the liberals. She is, to the marrow of her bones, a hypocrite, and very little else. And when she’s called on her hypocrisy, she will always explain it away:

“It’s not hypocrisy, see. What my opponents did is lies and slander. But what I’m doing is goodness and truth. This is objective, and if you don’t see that, you have to trust me to tell you that it is. I can do whatever I want because I’m doing the RIGHT thing, and people who I don’t agree with are doing the WRONG thing, even if we do the same thing, because I’m always right and they are always wrong. Shh, drink up your Koolaid, it’s okay, shh. Thank you for being here.”

Leftists like Elizabeth Warren try to convince us that there is objectivity in politics, but there is not. If I may put on my existential social science hat for a minute, the only objective truth about people is that there are no objective truths about people. But when you pretend there are, and that not only are you are objectively good and pure and right, but the opposition is objectively bad and wrong and evil, well, you can start justifying some pretty horrible things.

But sure, call the pro free speech, pro second amendment, pro individual liberty camp Nazis.*

*DISCLAIMER I do not think Elizabeth Warren is a Nazi don’t @ me.

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