Trump Rules Social Media And That’s The Rest Of The Story


According to new data out from NewsWhip, the swamp may be draining more than their polls would like to admit.  NewsWhip is a predictive intelligence company that provides data for the world’s news, and prides itself on the mission of providing “The Data Behind the Story.”

In a study provided exclusively to Axios, NewsWhip recently determined that on social media, Trump attracts three times the attention of all Democratic candidates combined.

Why it matters: Trump attracted three times the attention of all the Democratic candidates combined, underscoring how he consumes the social media conversation.
By the numbers: The 2020 Democratic candidates picked up a combined 58 million social media interactions (likes, comments, shares) on stories about them. But that’s dwarfed by Trump’s 181 million, the NewsWhip data shows.
The big picture: As has been the case since he entered the Republican field in 2015, much of the online attention on Trump has been negative.
Between the lines: That Trump has this much share of attention is not just a consequence of holding the presidency.  In the month before the 2016 election, Trump had more than 7 times the interactions of President Obama, according to NewsWhip data.

The 2020 NewsWhip attention tracker is based on data exclusively provided to Axios as part of a project that will regularly update throughout the 2020 campaign. You can continue to track that here.

Meanwhile, great minds and political analysts will continue to model opinion surveys, polls, predictive intelligence, and algorithms to determine how Trump was able to break through the political swamp and resonate with millions of “Deplorables.”

Might it all have started with the now-infamous Trump tweet typo, #COVFEFE? Might his Twitter following explain why 2020 Democrat hopefuls like Kamala Harris have pushed to convince @Jack to turn off Trump’s Twitter account?

Might it be that even while @Jack throttles down Trump’s Twitter, Americans can see the overwhelmingly positive Trump support at every rally? Might this be why Cory Booker tried to convince Congress not to allow Trump to do his rallies?

Is Trump’s success a testament to the constant Democrat driven media pushing non-stop anti-trump negativity over the past four years? Is it a sign that a lot of people are fed up and calling bullsh*t on the media and walking away from their message and the Democrat party?

Or is it instead that Trump is a man of incredible common sense, down to earth, real, and more engaging than any politician in the race or potentially in history?  Surely not. Enlightened and woke voters have every reason to believe the most recent BS poll from Fox News showing Biden leading way ahead of Trump.

In times like this, it’s humbling to reflect on The Rest Of The Story by Paul Harvey.  I’ve always thought that in many ways, Paul Harvey was similar to Donald Trump; he had a considerable following, and he called it like it was. Americans loved him and Paul Harvey loved America; he was a Patriot. Americans who loved Paul Harvey are likely among the same Deplorables that love Trump too. In many ways, Paul Harvey had a sense about him that was the “predictive intelligence” of the 1960’s and beyond — a forward thinker who engaged his audience with the gift of common sense.

Common sense creates connections that can become timeless and even predictive. Take a listen down this memory lane of The Rest Of The Story. Paul Harvey was incredibly “woke” with his broadcast of “If I Were The Devil.” It’s prophetic.

The gift of common sense.  Either you have it or you don’t, and with or without social media, there’s not a poll or algorithm or political rival in the world that common sense cannot defeat.

Listen to "Mock and Daisy's Common Sense Cast" on Spreaker.