Stunning New Details Reveal What It’s Really Like Behind Closed Doors of Trump’s White House

Rachel S

Whatever you feel for the man, love, hate, or indifference, there’s few among us who can honestly say we don’t wonder what Donald Trump is like behind closed doors. Doug Wead did, and he went after the answers– and lucky for us, he’s going to share them.

Inside Trump’s White House: The Real Story of His Presidency will be released on the 26th of November, and Wead has given Fox News an idea of what to expect. Put succinctly: Everything you’ve heard before is a lie. In an op-ed for Fox, Wead writes,

Like others, I have enjoyed reading the titillating, racy stories that have issued forth from bestselling books about the Trump White House. At times I felt nagging pangs of doubt, wondering why the stories always have come from anonymous sources.

Doesn’t anyone ever go on record nowadays? And why were so many stories later denied by their cited sources? So when I got the opportunity to write an insider history of the Trump White House I fairly tripped over my own feet to get through the doors.

. . .

What I discovered inside the Trump bubble was quite different from what had been reported.

One of the first rumors he dispels for us is the idea that Melania and Donald Trump are estranged. According to Wead, this rumor couldn’t be more false.

“They are a couple. Well, [Melania’s] so dignified and she handles herself with such grace. In every conversation, [Donald Trump] brings up Melania. Melania this, Melania that,” he said.

Wead explained a scene in his book when the Secret Service would not allow the first lady to accompany the president into a combat zone to address the troops. She protested the decision and was allowed to attend.

“She says, ‘If my husband is in danger, I will share the danger.’ And so on Christmas night, they fly out together to be with the troops,” Wead recalled.

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MAD respect for the FLOTUS. Not only is she stylish, dignified, and a linguistic genius, she’s also brave and loyal to the (potentially very literal) end. Melania has had a rough go of it, being brought along a successful campaign for the highest office in the country, arguably the world, which she probably never anticipated when she stood at the altar. And to top it off, she’s faced cruel bullying and backlash just because. Nevertheless, Wead reports, the couple finds a way to laugh.

Publicly, the whole family talks about what a privilege it is to serve the country, but privately they have no illusions about the horror they are going through. The president sometimes eases the tension by teasing the first lady, saying, sarcastically, with puffed up importance, “Melania, honey, look at this incredible journey I have brought you on.”

“It’s like a joke between them,” Lara Trump told me. “Everyone is attacking all of us and she’s smeared for no reason other than pure jealousy and he says, ‘Hon, isn’t this amazing?’

“And she’s like, ‘Oh yeah, thank you so much.’ “It’s hilarious. I love it.”

I have such a clear image of this exchange in my mind and I hope it looks exactly the way I picture it.

Wead, of course, delves into the Trump administration beyond their personal lives, and promises titillating details on that front.

It turns out that the real stories of what has been happening inside Trump-world are far more interesting than the fake ones. The president let me read his private correspondence with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. He gave me his theories on who hatched the Russian collusion conspiracy and why they did it.

I could sermonize about how fascinating it is to live in a point in history where one biography is particularly interesting exactly because of its seemingly positive bent, when, historically, we’ve been warned that “Winners write history” and warned against believing details written about the lives of great dictators by their own chosen biographers. But let’s give it a few weeks, read Wead’s book ourselves, and then organize a book club instead.

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