Oklahoma City Police Investigate “It’s Okay to be White Fliers” As Potential Hate Crime

M.W. Gale

Police in Oklahoma City are investigating “It’s okay to be white” fliers that were posted at the Oklahoma City University School of Law as a potential hate crime.

Is it “okay to be white”? Several recent incidents call the sentiment into question. 

Police believe that they have identified the perpetrator behind a potential hate crime at the Oklahoma City University School of Law. The individual, who posted flyers that read “It’s okay to be white,” is under fire. 

Summit News reported that 

Although authorities acknowledge that the fliers were “not believed to be a threat” and that posting them wasn’t a crime because no property was damaged, the individual responsible is under investigation anyway.”

The Dean of the school, Jim Roth, stated that OCU is “intentional and relentless” when it comes to promoting diversity and that hate crimes “will not be tolerated.” 

Intent will determine whether this action is a hate crime and deserves repercussions. 

Another incident, involving the same words “It’s OK to be white,” has caused an uproar in Massachusetts. 

In this instance, there was a banner placed over the highway. A man and his daughter who were driving under it pulled over to tear the sign down. The man said that “Being white is such an advantage in society and to suggest otherwise is just straight out racism.” 

The Leftists who say that the purpose of these signs are dual are correct, but they miss the point of the second intention. 

First off, the signs state that it is “okay to be white.” 

Secondly, they also force the leftist media to admit their real problem with the sign: It’s actually NOT okay to be white. 

Who is racist: the person who is “okay” with all sorts of people or the one who isn’t?

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