HORRIFYING: Conservative Journalist Andy Ngo Harassed on Halloween Night — Speaks Out About Left-Wing Antifa Thugs

Rachel S

Man, it is not popular to be Andy Ngo in Portland in 2019, but his is a voice we need to be hearing.

Ngo appeared on “America’s Newsroom” to comment on the recent sentencing of an Antifa member, seeing as he’s more or less an expert on being attacked by the amoral gang of thugs.

Ngo discussed the case of an Antifa activist who was sentenced to six years in prison for cracking a man’s skull open during a demonstration at which he was present in Portland, Oregon. He said the assailant’s allies have gotten off easy and urged law enforcement to double their efforts.

“I wanted to point out this is only the second violent Antifa criminal across the United States to face actual prison time,” he said Monday on “America’s Newsroom.”

He argues that, contrary to the defense attorney’s claims, the activist– a 24-year-old by the name of Gage Halupowski– got off easy. It wouldn’t be the first time a member of Antifa was wildly under-sentenced for violent crime: Ngo recalls another incident in New York.

“People may remember Eric Clanton, the academic Antifa person with the bike lock in California,” Ngo continued. “Police say that he had bashed seven people in the head with his bike lock and yet, in the end, he only had a misdemeanor conviction and probation time.”

For his own part, Ngo was attacked and mugged in the June Antifa protests in Portland; in the following months, police have made 0 arrests. What has happened? Well, his elderly mother’s business was doxxed, and a troop of Purge-esque visitors tried to enter his house on Halloween.

Ngo said of the event,

“It was a surreal moment. It looked like something out of the Purge. I was actually home when this happened and quite terrified. I was home alone. This is my family’s home… One of the things Antifa does is… [release] people’s addresses online and give a wink to their comrades to come and do something.

“So they came with these printed masks of my face… pounding on the door, was trying to open the door. Fortunately I had security footage. By the time the police arrived… they were all gone. But I released it just so that the public can be aware of the intimidation tactics of this violent extremist movement.”

“Peaceful protesters” don’t do things like this. Unoriginal cowards do. That’s the thing that makes Antifa so laughable, yet terrifying at the same time: There’s no doubt that, by and large, they harbor the desire to do harm and inflict violence. What they lack is the guts to go through with it. That’s the laughable part– it’s hilariously pathetic to model your intimidation tactics off the freaking PURGE, i.e. my favorite comedy series. The scary part, though, is how little it can take to flip that switch in someone, and how unpredictable the results can be.

I can’t believe we live in a country where Antifa hooligans are left unchecked, despite a clear, documented history of violence and violent rhetoric– how the left loves fear-mongering over “rhetoric!”– but finds it necessary to beef up security at Joker screenings because some internet SJWs thought it would make white boys shoot up a theater.

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