An Open Letter To Those People Who Do Not Like Our Website.

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Hi.  I need to vent a little.

There’s this weird phenomenon that occurs from time to time whereby someone who clicks through to our website from a social media platform or shared link, lands on a post here, and then gets super irritated that we have advertising on the site in order to pay the expenses required to keep it up and running.

And listen – I hate internet ads with the fury of a billion suns too.  I get it.  I also get that websites with a large amount of traffic have a cost burden that requires web advertising, and so for sites I enjoy, I deal with it.  For sites I don’t enjoy, I simply don’t visit them, and I move on with my life without making a big production about it.

But the weird phenomenon that happens from time to time also includes the rake-shakers who want us, as site owners, to KNOW that they’re no longer going to visit our site.  They want us to know ALL ABOUT THEIR dissatisfaction. These are people I will never understand, because I would never be that kind of person.  I know that website owners don’t know I exist, and therefore won’t know if I’m personally no longer visiting their websites, so what is the point of alerting them of my departure?

But there are people who NEED TO SHARE their dissatisfaction, and what I like to do at first is try a helpful approach, because I have found that there are quite a few people who aren’t aware we offer an ad free subscription service, and so I like to point it out to them.  The response is usually something along the lines of, “Oh I didn’t know you had that!  Awesome! I’ll subscribe right now!” or, in the case of people like Mark (see below), it’s more along the lines of, “I don’t want your stupid subscription because you suck and here are all the ways I think you suck.” SIGN UP HERE.

What people like Mark don’t realize is that I do not put up with insults very well.  I have this tendency to fight back, because of who I am as a person.  Which is why Mark is now part of our Wall of Shame, and why this open letter is even A Thing.

Check out our exchange below:



So the moral of the story is this. If you can’t tolerate our ads, we have an ad free subscription service.  If you don’t think our content is worth paying the handful of pennies it costs, no one is forcing you to subscribe.  You’re welcome to stop visiting our site.  And there’s this cool thing you can do where you can just act like a normal person and stop visiting our site without making a giant production about it.

But if you want a production?  If you want a fight?  I AM DOWN TO CLOWN.  And while I might protect your name and contact information if you’re a huge pu$$y like Mark who can’t bear the idea of standing behind his words, the content in an unsolicited email you put into our email inbox doesn’t belong to you, and I will absolutely use it.

Mark wanted the last word:

It’s odd, isn’t it – that a guy who insists our content isn’t valuable would take up so much valuable time telling us how much trouble he has accessing our non-valuable content?

Betcha he clicks through some ads to read this. 🙂  I’ll be sure to send him the link and thank him in advance for the expenses this post will help pay for.

Anyway, to all of the Marks out there who don’t like how we operate our site and don’t know that it’s possible to just leave without being an a-hole:


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