Couple Sues Taco Bell For False Advertising, And It’s This Kind Of Nonsense That Makes People Hate Lawyers.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

This is ridiculous.

Clever and competent reader Mike Lemon breaks it down for us:

A New Jersey couple is seeking justice against Taco Bell for it’s heinous business practices. Not really, the couple is suing because they are idiots.

In May 2018, Nelson and Joann Estrella watched Taco Bell’s “Librarian” commercial which advertised a Chalupa Cravings Box for $5, with the standard disclaimers of ‘price and participation may vary, blah blah blah’ in the print at the end of the commercial.

The Estrellas were charged $12.18+tax for two Cravings Boxen. I’m sure you all see the problem- they were charged $2.18 more than advertised, so what do people in America do? Say, “It’s only a Thomas Jefferson,” and move on with their day? Of course not. They went to a lawyer and filed a civil suit, which costs $250 to file in New Jersey, over their $2 under New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Statute and administrative code. They are, of course, also seeking punitive damages.

They filed the suit in August, but recently Taco Bell successfully had the case moved to federal court because they are headquartered in another state.

A question for the lawyers and near lawyers, will this likely be a bench trial since the $20 threshold for the Seventh wasn’t reached? Or do punitive damages also count towards that threshold?

I’d just like to add some of my own commentary to this as well.  If I were a person who condoned violence, which of course I’m not, I would say that this couple needs to be punched squarely in the face.  But only after the lawyer who agreed to take this bullsh*t case were kicked squarely in the nads or the vagina, as appropriate.

It’s a good thing I’m not a person who condones violence though.

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