Greta Thunberg Needs Help Getting To Spain After the COP25 Summit Is Relocated

Erin Evans

Greta Thunberg is stuck on the wrong side of the Atlantic after the COP25 environmental summit scheduled for December was relocated from Chile to Spain.

The 16-year-old climate activist eschews air travel due to the high emissions involved therein.  She sailed across the Atlantic this summer to attend the UN Climate Action Summit and has been activist-ing across North America ever since.

Greta was halfway to Chile when she received word the COP25 will actually take place in Europe, not South America.  She took to Twitter seeking travel suggestions.

She recently met fellow climate crusader (and massive carbon footprint creator) Leonardo DiCaprio in California.  Maybe he can loan her his yacht.

Greta isn’t the only one affected by the change in location.  A group of 36 young environmentalists was halfway through their own seven-week sail across the Atlantic, from Amsterdam to Santiago, to attend the summit when they got news of the relocation.  The group will continue on to Brazil with the goal of “putting the climate impact of aviation on the international agenda.”

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