World’s First Literal Pothead: Doctors Extract Marijuana-filled Balloon From Ex-Inmate’s Nose


We’ve all had a stuffy nose before, but this is ridiculous.

Doctors just retrieved a rather odd obstruction from the nasal cavity of an ex-inmate who had sinus issues for the past 18 years.

His girlfriend gave him the gift of ganja while he was serving time in an Australian prison. He stashed the package up his nose to hide it from guards, but when he tried to retrieve it later, he only succeeded in getting it shoved further upward.

And then it just…slipped his mind.

That is correct. This doofus managed to forget inserting a large, plant-filled balloon up his nose…thereby becoming a literal pothead.

Calcium built up around the rubber capsule, forming a rhinolith. This sounds like some kind of Neolithic circle built of standing noses. Quirky, but…no. Instead, a rhinolith is kind of like a kidney stone, but for your nose.

Apparently, these entities occur for reasons other than creative cannabis concealment. But doctors are calling this “the first reported case of prison-acquired marijuana-based rhinolith.”

Here’s a video, in case you don’t believe me.

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