When Meghan McCain Behaves Like An Insolent, Entitled, Snippy Toddler, She Isn’t Doing Conservatives Any Favors.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

OMG.  Did y’all see Meghan McCain lay into Cory Booker about gun control?  It was SO TOTALLY CRINGE.  Watch, and then I’ll tell you why I’m so completely embarrassed for her.

So, right out of the gate, she’s in major bitch mode, and that’s OK, because I agree with her that gun confiscation the likes of which O’Rourke has been discussing is complete madness.

But Cory Booker came out looking like a calm, reasonable, sound-minded person in comparison to her immediately calling O’Rourke “crazy” as he gently reminded her that tearing down the character of others isn’t helpful.  I mean, I’m a person who AGREES WITH HER, and I was embarrassed for how she behaved right out of the gate.

And it only got worse.  She was all, “BUT BETO STARTED IT!!” and Cory was like, “Now now. Just because he was a jerk doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk,” and then she completely LOST IT and screeched that she wasn’t running for president.  She made her eyes all Kamala-narrow, and went on a tirade about how Beto accused her of inciting violence and how infuriating that was, while it wasn’t Beto on the freaking show.  It was Cory Booker, who she barely allowed to respond.

Now granted, Cory was playing a political game.  He was all, “Look at me!  I’m super reasonable and want to tell you my story of how I told a guy I wouldn’t punch Trump in the face!”  And I get it. That can be super irritating when you are trying to get him to answer a simple question about gun buybacks.  But Meghan interrupting him every 12 seconds saying, “But what about gun buybacks” made HER look bad, not him.

And you guys, I AGREE WITH HER POINT.  I just loathe so much the way she chooses to try to get it across.

And the kicker?  At the end, when Whoopi leads them to commercial break and says they can continue the conversation in the next segment, and Meghan, like a F*CKING TWO YEAR OLD, said, “No, we won’t it’s FINE.”


Cory Booker will never be the nominee.  The soothing way he story-tells won’t save him, because like most every other insufferable Leftist running for president, he cannot answer a straightforward question, and at some point, that becomes important to people who care about Actual Policy.  But Meghan isn’t helping here.  There’s a way to have these conversations/interviews without sounding like a spoiled child who didn’t get her way.




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