JUST IN: Beto O’Rourke Drops Out — Don Jr., Huckabee and Others Immediately Respond With Hilarious Posts


“Hell Yes!” Another one bites the dust.

“The Day That Was, November 1, 2019” — Timing is everything, and one way to tell that Beto is one of the biggest losers is the timing he chose for his campaign withdrawal.

Dear Beto, hello Floppy Arms-McFly. Dude, there’s a Trump rally tonight. Do you not realize how you’re going to win the Internet, even more, this weekend after handing over some pretty rich content to be Trumped tonight in Mississippi?

Maybe we should give you more credit and assume you’re just aiding Pelosi’s justification for impeachment. You now, because the House voted to go for it yesterday, partially because “Trump was mean to the squad on Twitter.”  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Well, you’ve already won Twitter’s trending on mean tweets for the day, so I guess that means the Dems will need to impeach most of the Twitter universe now too.

Two for two elections and Beto wasn’t able to win, but within five minutes of announcing his campaign withdrawal, he’s won the Internet, Twitter is on Beto-fire!

This Tweet is just a forecast on the golden pull quotes surely to come from Trump at his rally later tonight:

I wonder how many of these shirts he has leftover in his warehouse?

Poor Active-Arms Robert Francis O’Sweaty Pits Vegan Soy Boy developed a fan base of so many that he felt the need to tweet out at least five times as he said adiós.

Don’t let the door hit you too fast on the way out, Beto. But no worries, I’m sure you can find a new home in New York. It’s perfect timing, just as Trump is relocating his primary residence to Florida.  That leaves plenty of safe space for you! Governor Cuomo and his Bro’ Fredo and Mayor Bloomberg will gladly welcome you to their lovely state. You should consider moving to New York, because of course, Cuomo would proclaim that you’re the New Yorker that Trump never was. And heck! Some are already saying that New York might be one of the few places you could win an election. Go Beto Go, fly away, fly away, fly away, home. Just do it. Make us proud.

Beto’s bound to find a job somewhere close to home, wherever he moves to near or far:

This will always be a good memory of Beto:

It is such a shame, many thought he was really hot and surely had a chance:

Better luck next time. Bye Bye Beto, safe travels, my friend!



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