Former Police Officer Shot 9 Times In The Line Of Duty Is Getting Sued By Gunman’s Family


Jacob Carlson, a medically-retired police officer from Casper, Wyoming, is trying to get on with his life after being shot in the line of duty. A hostile encounter on May 6, 2018 left the gunman, David Wolosin, dead and Carlson, the officer he shot nine times, fighting for his life.

Carlson made it through the ordeal, although it meant the end of his law enforcement career and he has permanent physical and psychological damage.

Now he must overcome another obstacle.

Wolosin’s family is filing a $700,000 lawsuit against the city, the police department, Carlson and the other officers involved. Wolosin opened fire after refusing to speak to the officers, who made initial contact with him for allowing two children – one as young as three years old – to drive a car. His family is suing for the emotional distress caused to the children, who were uninjured during the shootout.

This lawsuit is just so much frivolous dumbassery. Wolosin put the children at risk himself, when he chose not to recognize the officers’ authority.

According to Dan Fuller, an attorney representing the officers:

“He fancied himself a sovereign.”

Yep. Sovereign citizens are a thing, you guys. I only recently heard about them (Youtube’s hilarious Donut Operator is a vital source for all things related to law enforcement), but I already find the subculture fascinating in a trashy, Jerry Springer kind of way. They are anti-government extremists who believe they have the right to decide which laws to obey and which to flat-out ignore – but they’re really better at the ignoring part. Because they’re ignorant.

Watch this dashcam footage of the entire incident. There’s no sound, and the action is far away. It’s actually a terrible video. But from 2:39 on, you can see for yourselves how it played out.

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