According To Dem. Rep. Wendy Ullman, A Miscarriage Is Just “Some Mess On A Napkin”

This makes me sick! I’ve heard some very insensitive comments regarding pro-lifers and whatnot, but holy crap. My eyes are wide and my jaw is on the floor.

Before you watch this, just keep in mind that this is during a House Health Committee meeting for House Bill 1890 to discuss a requirement of healthcare facilities to cremate or bury children who have passed away either from miscarriage or abortion.

Oh, okay so, per Democrat PA Representative, Wendy Ullman, “an early miscarriage is just some mess on a napkin” and thus shouldn’t be worthy of cremation or interment, or any other type of “ritual.” Even labeling any form of interment as a ritual is nauseatingly offensive to the value of life itself.

Life, even the potential of life, even when it is lost, should be mourned. Who are we if we honestly view people, or even the potential of people, with this much disdain?

She quite literally undermines the value of life in proportion to a level of mere medical waste.

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