Making ‘Conan’ the Dog a National Hero Is Classic Donald Trump

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Lara Trump just wrote a great article about President Trump’s focus on the dog that helped capture and kill an Isis leader. (If you haven’t heard about America’s newest hero, Conan, check out our earlier post on how she helped take down al-Baghdadi earlier this week!) 

While Trump understands the gravity of terrorism and the hard decision he made to put Americans in harm’s way during the raid on Isis, he is also able to see a need for an ice-breaker of sorts. The lack of media coverage on such a successful operation only exemplifies the unnecessary focus on impeachment. American’s need to be able to celebrate the killing of a very bad man and to delight in the success of its furriest team member. 

Trump’s ability to be light and relatable is what has allowed so many average Americans to get behind him. I mean, who doesn’t love this adorable and brave doggo?

No matter what the Dems say, Trump has a way of bringing back patriotism and celebrating the best of us and our best friends.