EVERYONE. Drop What You’re Doing. Gender-Neutral Emojis Are Here To Save The Day (They Think)!

EVERYONE. Drop everything you’re doing.

Feeling inadequate? Feeling like you’re not being represented in a significant way?

Look no further! The emojis are here to save *barf* the day!

Because, in this day and age, we need to plaster our gender identification, how and who we choose to get laid, the color of our shirts (because that’s really the only difference I see to identify genders in most of these) and the length of our hair. Clearly there’s a point to be made by doing so.

That point, you ask? Well, keep asking. We still don’t know.

You guys. This decision was a legitimate discussion around a conference table.

I wonder if someone wrote a strongly worded letter about feeling excluded in the emoji world? I mean, I think sending a picture of… I don’t know… YOUR FACE… would’ve worked just fine.

Maybe it helps with the Tinder vetting process? Ya know, take care of any surprises or hidden bits. I’m sure the instant disposition of being offended about everything might give it away before any emoji does. Who knows.

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