Sabo, A Conservative Street Artist Who Skillfully Trolls Cities With His Work, De-Platformed From PayPal, Holding His Money For Six Months

This is absolutely asinine! PayPal has officially put the ‘dic’ in ridiculous.

I didn’t even think that was legal! However, I notoriously never read the terms and conditions… of anything… so I can’t be sure.

Either way, their terms and conditions should not supersede the Constitution.

On Monday evening, Sabo, the conservative street artist who is mostly known for his street posters that randomly pop up in California, reported on his Facebook page that he has now been kicked off of PayPal. “Today Paypal canceled my account with all of my money in it,” he announced. “They are holding my funds for the next 6 months.”

There’s probably some stupid small print that says something like, “We can hold your funds for whatever reason if there’s suspicion or a report of whatever.” Super formal example, I know.

Yet, here in Phoenix, AZ, we have a billboard that suggests Trump is a Nazi. It’s still standing strong and everyone drinks their tea in the local shops with their pinkies out, snorting and hoo-ing about how accurate it is. Then, the Spirit Halloween stores ONLY have Donald Trump masks, but Clinton masks are nowhere to be found.

This sort of behavior is nothing short of the attempt to eliminate opposition.

Sabo insists in his Facebook post that he will keep fighting to be able to earn a living. “We’ll find an alternative way to generate income and I’m sure they will work to hit that as well. And then we’ll find another.” He also said he expected this would happen. “2020 is right around the corner and they are doing everything they can to silence our side. At least they finally did it so now I can move on.”

Twitter de-platformed Sabo from their site as well, devoid of any reasoning.

Watch this video – what Sabo stands for is pretty incredible, and the lack of sh*ts he gives.

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