Biden Denied Communion Due To Abortion Views

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

This Sunday, Joe Biden was denied communion at a Catholic church in South Carolina. The priest’s reasoning? Biden’s view on abortion.

They say that politics changes everyone, but no matter how many times we see political figures flip-flopping in their opinions to win votes, it still shocks us every time. One of the big, floundering fish of this election is Joe Biden, who recently overturned his over four-decade opinion on federal funding for abortion.

Abortion itself is bad enough – why do you think you’re also entitled to use MY money to fund it?

The proclaimed Catholic took a turn for moral relativism as he can be seen quoting in an article:

“I’m prepared to accept for me, personally, doctrine of my church… but I’m not prepared to impose that on every other person”.

Statements like this sound good in theory, but do you really believe anything at all if you don’t think it’s actually true in all situations?

Either something is right or it’s wrong. It’s really not that hard.

Not even getting into the completely terrible moral consequences of such a move, it’s impossible to think that this won’t affect Biden’s Catholic supporters in the upcoming election. *Looks at the priest who refused him communion*

All things considered, it’s no surprise that this decision gave rise to the incident at St. Anthony Catholic Church last Sunday. The priest later released a statement saying exactly why he refused Biden communion:

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“Sadly, this past Sunday, I had to refuse Holy Communion to Former Vice President Joe Biden. Holy Communion signifies we are one with God, each other and the Church. Our actions should reflect that. Any public figure who advocates for abortion places himself or herself outside of Church teaching. As a priest, it is my responsibility to minister to those souls entrusted to my care, and I must do so even in the most difficult situations. I will keep Mr. Biden in my prayers.”

The Biden campaign’s only response was to cite it as a “personal matter.” It seems that there are a lot of the Biden family’s personal matters coming to political light nowadays.

While it would be naive to think that this incident will affect Biden’s view of federal spending on abortion, it does clarify the consequences of having personal principles that are different from those you politically subscribe to.

By the way, his reasoning behind his altered political opinion? “Circumstances have changed.”

That may be true, and there are certainly circumstances that can alter one’s policy opinions, but this is not a matter of legal strategy.

Circumstances shouldn’t change your principles Biden. Just saying.