Elizabeth Warren Would Be Parasitic To Our Economy – More So Than Bernie Sanders

You mean to tell me that Warren would be a complete parasite to our nation’s economy? Get outta town!

Cue the hour-long loop of Owen Wilson saying, “Wow!”

After all, a parasite will consume its host until death.

“On Friday, Economist Editor-in-Chief Zanny Minton Beddoes and former Obama administration adviser Steven Rattner slammed Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), calling her economic proposals “extreme” and suggesting that they would devastate the U.S. economy.”

Obviously her appeal to emotions and instant gratification sound dreamy because who doesn’t want economic equality, cheaper healthcare, etc? But, that’s just it – it would all be a dream. Because in reality, this kind of lunacy would barely last a millisecond in practice; it would not uphold for the purpose of longevity.

“The broader philosophy underpinning it, I think, has two elements: one is that she has an enormous faith in government and government regulation, and as we all know, government regulation has its downsides, and we may be in a situation where we need [a] different kind of regulation of some industries, but she is driven by a faith in government,” Beddoes added. “And the converse of that is that I think she’s driven by a real punitive dislike of much of business, and that is actually some of the underpinning of American prosperity – much of that underpinning. American capitalism is strong because of its business.”

The policies and proposals provided by Warren all sound very attractive on the surface but there would be severe ramifications if put into practice; they would likely have the opposite effect of the intended purpose.

It’s almost like playing the game ‘Just The Tip.’ It’s all fun and games until you’re 16 and pregnant (nothing against young moms… as I was one…but you get my point).

“The fundamental different view she has of what capitalism is – she says she’s a capitalist, but she’s not a capitalist,” Rattner said. “She’s really a democratic socialist in some ways, and she wants to fundamentally change the role of an American company, how an American company is governed, what it’s supposed to do, in ways that I think at least would be disastrous for the American economy.”

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