Military Special Forces Kills ISIS Leader Per The Direction of Trump And The Media Worries About Hurt Feelings

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When watching President Trump’s address to the nation on Sunday morning, I experienced a moment of great respect and pause as I listened to him explain yet another promise made and a promise kept, confirming the death of the founder and leader of the defeated ISIS caliphate, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.  I thought to myself, okay, surely this will be a moment when our country comes together.  Even if only for a moment — we will unite to express our tremendous gratitude and respect for the US Special Forces that worked so swiftly to successfully deliver a massive blow to ISIS.

This segment of Trump’s address was particularly harsh, as it should have been: “Baghdadi died WHIMPERING. AND. CRYING. AND. SCREAMING. ALL. THE. WAY.”

GOOD.  After watching Obama DO NOTHING in response to Baghdadi beheading people as we watched on our screens, most sane people would be glad to know that Baghdadi died “like a dog.”  But sadly for America, as with all things Media-Left-Anti-Trump: within about 45 seconds after Trump’s address, cue the outrage from the Left. Suddenly, because Trump used those words in describing Baghdadi’s death, “Orange-man-bad” was inappropriately hurting the feelings of ISIS. I made the mistake of skimming my Twitter feed to see tweet after tweet of liberal hysteria — it was like watching a really bad movie.

Just listen to Nick Paton Walsh on CNN Sunday morning. He was really “jarred” by Trump’s crudeness in choice of words.  He thought Trump’s words were what one might hear from ISIS, themselves — because of course — CNN. What a douchecanoe:

Meanwhile, cue the delusional Dems. Schiff and Pelosi were all-the-whine-all-day-long. They were upset that they were not informed before the attack. Nevermind how Pelosi might have been informed IF she’d not have stormed out of that October 17th meeting with Trump.  You know, right before she flew off on her SECRET TRIP to Jordan and Afghanistan ALSO UNANNOUNCED to “save the world according to Pelosi.”

Meanwhile here’s what a SEAL that killed Bin Laden had to say to Schiff:

There’s more.  I would be amiss if I didn’t mention all of the backlash handed to The RIDICULOUS Washington Post. The WaPo literally has died in their own darkness of disgust.  The Islamic State LITERALLY KILLED JOURNALISTS and The Washington Post referred to their leader as an “austere religious scholar.” You know, because they don’t want to hurt the feelings of ISIS.

Jesse Kelly called it: those are REAL. HEADLINES. WRITTEN. BY. A. REAL. PERSON. Just let that sink in.  Not written by Russian Bots but written by a real person in America.

But wait, there’s more. According to the New York Times – Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had a “spiritual gift.”

And the BS doesn’t stop there.  It was flying from the editors at Bloomberg too.


YMMV, but I am grateful that President Trump says what he means and means what he says.

Don’t even get me started on Susan Rice —the jackwagon that she is was on the Sunday shows again, echoing Pelosi, claiming that “Baghdadi’s death does not mean the end of ISIS.”

Well, no sh*t sherlock, I think Trump is very aware of that. He clearly stated in his address that the United States is coming after all remaining terrorists. AND INSTEAD of sending planeloads of cash to fund ISIS, like Obama and his cronies did, it is looking like our Military Special Forces team(s) just took out the spokesperson for ISIS too.

And I bet he too was “WHIMPERING. AND. CRYING. AND. SCREAMING. ALL. THE. WAY.” Just “like a dog” chasing his way to the end of a “dead-end tunnel.”

Just as Trump said way back in 2013: “NO MERCY TO TERRORISTS.”

God Bless the US Military, God Bless America.

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