AOC Ridiculed GOP For Arrest Request But Retweets Jane Fonda Hoping To Get Arrested In The Name Of Climate Change

I could write an entire book about how much of a hypocrite AOC is but I don’t think there’s enough paper in the world. In all reality, it would be a disservice to paper anyway.

So let me get this right…

According to AOC, what the Republicans did is dramatic, but if the Democrats do it, it’s bravery. Within a 24 hour frame of time, AOC initially ridiculed the GOP for essentially asking to be arrested and then retweets Jane Fonda hoping to get arrested in the name of climate change.

Look at this crap –


“Just one day after Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez criticized Republicans for requesting to be arrested for entering a closed-door Trump impeachment inquiry deposition this week, the far-left New York Democrat retweeted a video showing Hollywood stars Jane Fonda and Ted Danson being arrested at a climate protest Friday.”

I mean, I know every sunrise presents a whole new day, but sheesh.

Oh, but wait, looky here –

Fonda told the Los Angeles Times she planned to participate in demonstrations supporting policies to address climate change — and expected to get arrested in the process.

I guess it’s pretty typical of them to be one-issue voters/supporters but at least be ideologically consistent, for goodness sake.

It’s ironic how AOC references the GOP’s actions as a “little flash mob” like the Democrats don’t parade around shouting their feelings at everyone on a regular basis – gluing their hands to the pavement in the middle of a busy road, interrupting civil discussions, rioting everything that is a minor inconvenience, hiding in corners away from anyone and anything that disagrees with them… just to name a few.

Kavanaugh hearings… anyone need that reminder?

What about any speaking event with a conservative speaker like Ben Shapiro, Charlie Kirk, Milo, Ann Coulter? I digress.

I think I’ve made my point.

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