Trump Wants Federal Agencies to Drop the NY Times and Washington Post

The White House is instructing federal agencies not to renew their subscriptions to the New York Times and the Washington Post. 

Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham described this as a cost-saving measure that will save the taxpayers “hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

It’s no secret Trump isn’t a fan of either the Times or the Post.

Trump is often critical of the two newspapers and said in a Fox News interview on Monday that “we don’t want” the Times in the White House anymore, and “we’re going to probably terminate that and The Washington Post.”

I’d be interested to know how many agencies have subscriptions to these (and other) papers.    It must be a lot if cancelling the subscriptions will save “hundreds of thousands of dollars.”  I’m sure it makes sense for certain agencies to have subscriptions to papers, but that certainly doesn’t seem like the best use of taxpayer money.

What do you think of this decision?  It is merely pragmatic, or a slightly vindictive move by the Trump administration?

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