The Tenacity of Jeffery Younger To Save His Son From Transgender Indoctrination

The tenacity of this father is inspiring.

Judge Kim Cooks issued a gag order against Jeffery Younger but not before he had some words regarding his efforts to save his son from undergoing a gender transition under mom’s wishes. Younger expressed his reason for combating transgender indoctrination among today’s youth in an extraordinarily well-versed manner regarding his knowledge of Texas family law.

“Reacting to the jury’s decision not to grant Mr. Younger sole conservatorship over his son on Monday, the father told LifeSiteNews that he was shocked: “We put up an email form Ms. Georgulas to me in which she contemplates cutting the penis off my son. 20 minutes later, they go into deliberations, and they come back voting against me.””

You mean to tell me that a judge, who is supposed to uphold the framework of ideology this country was founded, is in support of this nonsense?! Dissent all you want but forcing a child into a sex change is child mutilation and child abuse.

Kind of like when you see obese adolescents, except the parents aren’t trying to cut off their fat – they’re encouraging it.

“Younger said he was “ready” and “willing” for the fight: “I would like to protect every child in the United States from these abhorrent practices by the medical community. It’s one of the reasons we’ve always said from the very beginning, we didn’t just say ‘save James,’ we said ‘save James; save thousands of kids.’ And the reason we said that last part is we did not want to forget the other children who are suffering from this with parents that just don’t have the resources, the will, the capacity, the circumstances to fight.””

Shortly after Younger’s interview, the Judge issued a gag order, meaning he would have to shut down his accumulative court documents, testimonials, and other pertinent information within the “Save James” website he created for the cause of saving these young lives.

Perhaps the judge realized just how incompetent she is. That’s usually what the feeble-minded choose to do – shut down anyone who challenges his or her intellect.

This is how I see it – let the kid develop a bit before you uproot their entire self-image. Nurture the person he or she is in a traditional fashion. When the child develops enough to make his or her own decisions, then that’s up to them. As a parent, it is your duty to teach your child a positive self-image within the framework of REALITY.

Shoot, if I allowed my child to think that EVERYTHING she wanted was good for her, she’d have candy for every meal, she would play Roblox until the cows came home, her room would be a freaking war zone… but it isn’t conducive to her development. To anyone reading this thinking, “Well, yeah, duh,” congratulations, you’re normal.

If this is the “progressive peace love and whatevertheheck” then you can kiss my left butt cheek.

I just pray that Child Protective Services will take the extra mile in protecting these children from this idiocy.

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