Rep. Dan Crenshaw Tries To View Impeachment Inquiry Records, Gets Runaround

WATCH: Dan Crenshaw Blasts Schiff, Explains Rule That Entitles GOP Access To ‘Impeachment’ Docs

There’s a whole lot of cloak-and-dagger nonsense going on at the U.S. Capitol – and Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) is not having any of it.

I gotta say it: I love this man so much. Apologies, Tara – but your husband is one amazing guy, and you are one very fortunate woman.

But I digress.

So according to the House Rules Manual, all committee records – apparently, even those regarding an impeachment inquiry – “shall be property of the House, and each Member, Delegate, and the Resident Commissioner shall have access thereto.”

It’s right there for everyone to see, in black and white. No spy vs. spy business necessary. But Chairman Adam Schiff thinks otherwise, which he made fairly clear when he ran from fellow lawmakers like a little girl during closed-door depositions the other day, as Liberty posted.

What part of “shall have access thereto” does he not comprehend?

Maybe Schiff isn’t the only one to blame here. Could it be the guardians of the recordkeeping vault? Crenshaw decided to find out.

“Let’s go down to where they keep these records and see if they’ll give us access so that we can inform you, the American people, what’s really going on with this impeachment inquiry.”

The camera follows Crenshaw down a staircase to a set of large doors plastered with forbidding red signs. He is only inside for a moment.

“So, they won’t let me see it. Big surprise.”

Crenshaw says whoever the recordkeeping guardians are – I’m picturing Roz from the 2001 movie, Monsters Inc. – told him that only committee members can see the records.

“But the truth is, I’ve spoken to some committee members and they’ve been sending letters requesting to see it as well, to get an appointment to see it…”

Huh. Even committee members are getting the runaround, it seems. It makes you wonder what Schiff and Pelosi and their other cronies are trying to hide.

“So what is the process, then? Where is the transparency? There is none, and that should frustrate all Americans.”

Well, I, for one, am quite frustrated. Thank God for good, vigilant men who refuse to sit idly by while traitors attempt to dismantle this nation in secret.

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