AOC Probes Zuckerberg In Smug and Embarrassing Fashion

Just when there may be a solid chance for AOC to say something even minimally intelligent about the Facebook nonsense (something we all agree has become increasingly ridiculous) she turns it to grounds for discussing Zuckerberg having alt-right dinner parties to spread white supremacy…

You know when you were a kid and you played Connect-The-Dots games in your coloring books? Imagine the page you’re on never having a consecutive connection between any numbers… the pages are ripped… and the whole book is on fire.

I don’t care for either of them, but trying to question robotic Zuckerberg about white supremacy conspiracies just leveled the playing field of absurdity.

“Ocasio-Cortez claimed that The Daily Caller “has ties to white supremacists,” a claim that drew quick response from the leadership at The Daily Caller.”

“Those accusations are rich coming from the leader of the most openly anti-Semitic freshman Congress in modern American history,” Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Ingersoll told The Daily Wire. “Ocasio-Cortez herself employed a staffer who lionized Nazis collaborators. Maybe she should spend more time cleaning her room and making her bed before she goes to work.”

Do I believe that Zuckerberg should have a better handle on ensuring people are not censored on his platform unless the language incites violence? Absolutely.

Should Zuckerberg have a better standard for content verification and fact-checking without minimizing rights to free speech? Sure.

However, reading the comments on Twitter, people literally believe that AOC completely owned Zuckerberg. I’m baffled.

No, Lou. NOT a hammer line. SMH.


So, Susan. I guess the bar is set pretty low in this limbo of logic.

Clearly, if you don’t have enough facts to really make an intelligible argument, scream white supremacy from the rooftops.


AOC’s claims would only make a smidge of sense if she talked about the left-leaning clan being intensely more favored on his platform… why would Facebook push Democratic narratives and censor the right-leaning if the CEO of Facebook was in fact encouraging white supremacy? That’s how the whole “white supremacy conspiracy” would follow based on their standards, right? She has no idea what she’s talking about and she just comes across arrogant and smug.

Something tells me her motive is very different than she’s attempting to lead on. Hmmm…

“The most cringeworthy portion of the hearing belonged to Ocasio-Cortez, whose arrogance and desire for censoring her opponents was on full display.

Ocasio-Cortez suggested that she wanted to take advantage of the fact that Facebook tries to not censor political speech from politicians by intentionally lying in her campaign ads, specifically wanting to falsely claim that Republicans supported her $93 trillion Green New Deal.”



I have so many colorful words I want to place here.

Oh, before I close this, check out this tweet –


Uhm. No. Zuckerberg simply did what all of us with a brain stem did – completely stunned and thrown off by the idiocy of the basis for AOC’s probes.

So unprofessional and childish.

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