Elizabeth Warren Wants To Tax Anything She Can’t Ban

So she wants to tax anything that she can’t ban… guess we know how she plans to fund Medicare for all…

…Something tells me this is more “guns kill people” talk…

“Seriously. She’s got a plan to tax just about everything, including guns. The Massachusetts senator, who is rising as a leader among Democrats vying for the party’s White House nomination, vowed to raise the excise tax on firearms and ammunition to make guns too expensive and suppress firearms ownership. Her plan calls for a 30 percent excise tax increase on guns and a 50 percent increase on ammunition.”

Ahh. Gee. How did I know?

I mean, we could literally just tax the things that are… I don’t know… ALREADY FREAKING ILLEGAL. Make the criminals have higher fines or something. I’m not an expert at allocating taxes or anything but get your mitts off my Second Amendment rights.

“Warren also claims it would “bring in new federal revenue” to fund enforcement of gun laws, both existing and the additional ones she’s proposed. What it really does is price the most vulnerable out market. It discriminates against the poor who would be unable to afford the cost of protecting themselves with firearms. One estimate, under the Warren plan, would see the cost of a $400 shotgun jump to $520.”

You guys. She literally thinks raising the price of guns and ammunition will reduce CRIMES. LOL WUT.

It’s not like criminals would be like, “oh, wait, no we can’t purchase these guns, I’m like $80 short… guess we can’t shoot up that restaurant today.” Because criminals always plan their crimes around the affordability of the weapons… right, that’s how that works. Give me a break.

That’s cute. Real cute.

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