This Lesbian’s Thread On The Gender Movement Is A Must Read

This weekend, I stumbled across a Twitter thread by Lara Adams-Miller discussing the “gender movement.”  Lara’s Twitter bio describes her as a “Writer, lesbian, mother, biological healthcare professional, women’s liberationist, domestic violence and sex trade survivor, [mental healthcare] reformist, gender-free.”  She isn’t a major thought leader – she has less than 4,000 Twitter followers – but this thread deserves some attention.

In other words, the gay rights movement succeeded largely because they weren’t asking for special rights.  Gay couples were seeking the same rights afforded to straight couples: the right to marry, the right to have their relationships recognized under the law, the right for two consenting adults to do what they wished in the privacy of their own home.  They wanted to have the same opportunities as straight people, without fear of harassment, violence, or government interference.  Ultimately, they wanted the freedom to be left alone to live their lives how they chose.  That was a concept many people, on both sides of the aisle, could get behind.

The gender movement, on the other hand, wants the rest of us to bend over backwards to accommodate them.  It’s not enough to let a man live as a woman – you have to believe he’s a woman, or you’re considered a bigot.

It’s no longer “live and let live,” which was the original goal of the gay rights movement.  It’s become “believe what I want you to believe, or you no longer deserve a place in polite society.”

I think if the trans or gender movement had stopped there, the world would be a better place.  Most, as Lara suggests in that last tweet, will let you live how you like as long as it doesn’t affect them.  If you’re a man and you want to live as a woman (or vice versa), I don’t have a problem with that. Wear that dress, have surgery, whatever.  Honestly, I’m probably not going to notice, or care.  Just don’t force me to believe you are actually a biological female human being, because you’re not.

Again, the gay rights and women’s rights movements (at least in the beginning) weren’t about special rights.  They weren’t about changing people’s beliefs, about going against science and religion.  They were about obtaining equal rights and a seat at the table.  That’s not what the gender movement is about.  It’s about forcing others to support your delusions so that you feel better about yourself.

All people, including transgender individuals, should be free to live their lives without fear of violence and harassment due to their identities.  That does NOT mean that the rest of the world needs to confirm their identities for them.

(Important note, however: most violence against trans people has nothing to do with their trans identities. Andy Ngo had a great thread a few months ago about all of the transgender people who were murdered in 2018.  Almost none were murdered because they were trans – their deaths generally occurred because they were involved in drugs, prostitution, or other unsavory activities.  That doesn’t justify their murders, but it is an important distinction when discussing trans rights.)

It is unbelievable refreshing to see such a common sense take from a member of the LGBTQ community.  More people need to realize that being anti-trans rights or against the gender movement doesn’t mean you are against the individual members of that community.  It just means that people doesn’t deserve special rights because of their perceived identities.  They are not entitled to rights that punish or take away rights from the rest of us.

In conclusion,

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