Kim Strassel Perfectly Explains What’s Wrong With The Media

Conservative journalist Kim Strassel gave an interview with American Thought Leaders at the Epoch Times, and she perfectly sums up the problem with bias and the mainstream media:

SO good.  She is so right. The media is blinded by their hatred for President Trump, and as a result they’ve spent the last three years essentially waging war against half of America.  They’ve dropped all of their standards and engaged in poor journalistic practices, applying different standards to different sides of the political aisle.  They run cover for the left and vilify the right.  We all know it, and we all know it’s making this country a worse place, not better.

So many Americans have lost their faith in the media, and for good reason.  We need a media that plays the role of neutral arbiter, not partisan hack.

What do you think of Strassel’s analysis?

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