AOC Demonstrates Her Complete Misunderstanding of the Concept of Freedom (Again)

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

The following story comes to you from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s speech at a Bernie Sanders rally, so buckle up. It’s gonna be rough.

Shortly after announcing her endorsement for the Vermont senator (because straight, white shouty grandpa man was the most progressive choice– right), Ocasio-Cortez gave a meandering and utterly misguided speech about how to achieve what she seems to genuinely believe is freedom for the American people. It’s hard to listen to, but heck, give it a go.

The following is a word for word transcript of a portion of her speech, that I transcribed myself, because it never gets old seeing her word salads in print:

And so, not only what must be recognized what is broken and that has resulted in why we’re here, but we need to recognize the principles that will drive us forward. Because the logic that got us into this mess is not going to get us out.

That is the most poorly constructed sentence I’ve ever encountered in my life, but letting go of that, what “mess” are we meant to be in? The mess of prosperity? The mess of individual liberty? A mess in which even America’s poorest citizens are still among the most well-off individuals in the world? Check your privilege, AOC.

So we need to build a mass movement in America centered on the working class, the poor, the middle class, one that is actively anti-racist, anti-racist, that is rooted in principles of universality.

So like. . . capitalism?

Everybody has a right to healthcare. Everybody has a right to an education. One that is rooted in principles of cooperation. That is participatory. That combats, uh, not only racism, but misogyny, anti-queer discrimination, we have to actively center those principles to drive us forward.

No one has a right to anyone else’s labor. NO ONE. HAS. A RIGHT. TO ANYONE ELSE’S LABOR. (Side note, her delivery sounds like a kindergarten teacher with nonverbal students who thinks that talking louder will somehow make them understand.)

Because the future, and our future, is in public systems and is publicly owned systems. Because we need to take power over our lives again.

My brain is screaming.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want Mark Zuckerberg making decisions over my life. I don’t know about you, but, the Waltons have already been making decisions over our lives, and what we got was nothing.

Mark Zuckerberg isn’t making a fraction as many decisions for your life as the American government as it is today, let alone in your socialist hellscape vision. As for the Waltons giving you “nothing?” Are you SERIOUS?! How about nearly 12,000 locations to buy basic goods and necessities, often in places with few other options to buy things like, I don’t know, FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES at an affordable price? How about 1.5 MILLION jobs?? How dare you decry a company that’s given people wages and access to goods that contribute to a lifestyle half of the world population dreams of achieving, just because the people who started it have more money than you? You spoiled brat.

We need an, a, a, united States that really, truly, and authentically is operated, owned, and decided by working and all people in the United States of America. That is what– It is multiracial, multigendered, multigenerational, and multigeographic.

It is. That’s like, the whooooole thing. Does the phrase “of the people, by the people, for the people” not ring any bells?

We have to come together, not ignoring our differences, but listening to them, prioritizing them, understanding injustice, understanding that we operate in a context where slavery evolved into Jim Crow evolved into mass incarceration evolved into the realities we have today.

This is just straight nonsense. And now I’m angry. We deserve a cute dog pic for having to go through that. Oh, look, what’s this?

Thanks Roxy.


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